In her own words

“My passion for design defines me,” are words Jane August lives by. She considers herself a designer from birth, born with a creative vision and an eye for the style that has shaped her collections. Jane calls it vintage with a twist, an updated modernity.

From the time she was five, Jane was a cultural connoisseur. While most kids her age were outside playing in the local playground, Jane could be found rummaging through her mother’s closets and jewelry boxes, discovering design treasures. Her dress-up style featured the white gloves, hats and handbags she has seen Jackie Kennedy wear during the Camelot years. But Jane’s idea of dress up didn’t end there. Her Barbie was the envy of all her girlfriends for Jane managed to collect every wardrobe item and every accessory as well.

Jane became a traveler in her teens and toured the sights and museums of the world capitals. It was in London where her signature “Kings Road” bag was born. After a long day of collecting treasures from shops and antique markets, Jane searched for a bag that could hold the bounty. In an unlikely place, a hardware store on Kings Road, she unearthed a brown canvas workman’s bag which saved the day. Years later, the concept of that early style became her popular bag, “The Kings Road.” With its unique shape and adaptable straps, it has inspired many August collections since and has been seen on the arm of Jennifer Lopez.

Fast forward…Jane has created a luxury brand of timeless glamour coupled with artisanal manufacturing. All handbags are handmade in a family-owned factory outside of Florence, Italy and each design bears the name of a special place where Jane has found happiness and inspiration. The Jane August logo, an arch designed by a 78 year old French calligrapher, symbolizes her style – a bridge from the classicism of the past to the present with a fresh, modern twist.